Weight Watchers Magazine Deal

Weight Watchers magazine deal

this is how it's done...

Hey, guys – check out this Weight Watchers magazine deal – ONE year Weight Watchers magazine just $5.23 – click the link below (when you get to checkout, use coupon code WWFIT !)

Weight Watchers Magazine Deal!

(i’m going to renew my subscription myself – I’m trying to lose a few pounds – this Weight Watchers magazine deal sounds REALLY good to me…. :D )

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help get the weight loss process off to a great start…..

1. Get yourself a small notebook – write down whatever your goal weight is (and be real about it!) – and then write down EVERYTHING you eat and drink and when – including the amounts!

2. Start exercising! Doesn’t matter what it is – as LONG as YOU enjoy it and can be consistent about it….it can be swimming, walking, biking or even running around in the back yard with the dog or kids. It doesn’t really matter what you are doing as long as it is more than you were doing.

3. Avoid eating foods like white rice, flour and sugar (simple carbs – also known as the white foods) – BEST kind of carbs to consume are the complex ones (the whole grains – brown rice, brown-rice pasta – they stay around your body longer….)

4. Brush your teeth a little more often. This keeps you from eating when you have clean teeth (it’s a mind thing – your mind seems to think that toothpaste flavor and the end of a meal are connected – makes it easier for you not to eat).

5. Consume more water-loaded foods – they make you feel fuller longer and have less calories in them.

6. Drink more water – when you’re dehydrated, it’s hard to distinguish true hunger – try it…. :D

Stay healthy, my friends!

this is how it's done...